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Quick explanation!

Hey guys!! The blog is back!! I’m so so sorry for the lack of posts, but, real life got in the middle and I had to deal with it. ANYWAYS, everything is fine now, so you’ll have posts soon!! To those who are still following, thank you so much for your patience! Y’all are AMAZING!!!


Just discovered your blog today and I love it! Great job! So anyway, question: who's your favorite Modern Family character? Also, if you want, it would be awesome if you had a post with your top 10 Modern Family quotes or something similar. :)

Hey my friend!! Thank you!! My favorite character? It’s definetly a tie between Mitch & Cam. Definetly. My top 10 MF quotes sound like a good plan. I’ll post them soon!! :)

i love your blog so much one day i might reblog every post (i definitely will not repost) :D modern family is my favourite show of all time. The only thing that sucks is that in Australia they don't show the eps in order and have only shown the first couple of episodes in season 3.

Hahahaha, be my guest!! I totally get what you mean!! I don’t live in the US either, so I totally understand how annoying not having the episodes in order is!:/

Hi guys!

Sorry for the little hiatus. Life got in the way.

Anyway. More posts coming up! And remember to watch Modern Family tonight!! :D

what time?

9|8c!! :)

New Modern Family tonight!!!!


Hey guys!

Quick post: if you submit something and I don’t post the picture it’s probably because it’s already done. :)

Keep submitting! And remember! New episode tomorrow!!! :D

Hi! great job AMO TU BLOG! Do you have the link of the episode when Many dressed a PONCHO? (the picture #50) can you send it to me? THANKS!I

Thank you!! <3 <3

Manny’s poncho episode!